Speno ASI SpA – Manufacturing process

Manufacturing process


Speno Rail Maintenance Australia Pty. Ltd – Manufacturing process

Before the manufacturing process begins, A.S.I. SpA laboratories carry out careful sampling and analysis of all the components, thus guaranteeing the highest standards of the product.

The machines for the production of such mixers, presses, ovens and other specifications have also been designed and built by specialized companies worldwide. The production process of A.S.I. SpA is entirely mechanized, by the use of the raw materials to the packaging of the finished product. Machinery and sophisticated control equipment perform functions such as weighing, mixing, pressing at numerical control, static and dynamic balancing, safety belt work and automatic palette-stocking of the grinding stones via an uninterrupted cycle.

Speno ASI SpA – Manufacturing process
A.S.I. SpA – Grinding Stones


The grinding stones are baked in electric ovens through polymerization cycles which are fully controlled by computer systems.

Since baking is a very important step for the qualitative outcome of the finished product, it is subject to consistant monitoring using electronic detectors and telephone dialers for emergencies and breakdowns.

Speno ASI SpA – Manufacturing process